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Website Design Made Simple

Many business owners from around the world are now beginning to understand the value of an online presence and the success it can bring to their business. Not knowing how to go about it finds them seeking the assistance or services of someone that has experience in Website Design and other Direct Response Marketing abilities.

What is meant when saying Website Design?
Why is it important?

Becoming an online market leader requires the successful implementation of a number of strategies. With the Website being a major component of these strategies let us address what we mean with Website Design first.

Website Design is the art applied to the designing and structuring of your Website. The content should be specifically designed and tested for viewing in the most common web browsers, such as Internet Explorer(6,7, 8), Firefox and Flock.

The Starting point

The site must have a powerful “Home” page because it is the personality of your total site, and your business, as it is the first point of contact with your potential customers.

“How many times can one make a good first impression?” Once ONLY.

With this in mind there are some guidelines that we at MWM follow for all of our clients.

  • The design and colour scheme are in alignment with the client’s business
  • Be Visually appealing
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Should not be Cluttered and
  • That all images are optimised for fast loading (very important for a good “Quality Score”)


But before we rush in MWM will conduct a FREE consult with you to ensure that the Design you have in mind is workable. There are a number of aspects that must be considered to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for your potential customer.

  • Are you actually selling something on the site or are you advertising your business/services?
  • Are you looking at capturing your visitors Name and Email?
  • Are you going to provide an educational component to your site?
  • Are you looking at having a membership component to your site?

As you would know, when building a house, the first and most important part is the plan. If you do not know what your outcome (the plan) should be, you will make many changes along the way. These changes can be very expensive.

Secure your FREE (Valued $245) consultation now by completing the submission form to the right.


Nobody knows your Niche better than you and with some guidance you will be able to produce some compelling action provoking text for your site. Should you have any problems with this our Copywriting team can adjust your text prior to inclusion in your site.

Stopping Spam

These days Spam seems to take up more and more space in your email account and it is a big waste of time and space. MWM has a policy of encrypting all email addresses used on your web site. This ensures that the “Harvesters” (Small programs that skim Web Pages looking for email addresses) can not get your email address. Meaning if the email address is only used on a MWM produced site you will never receive any spam for it.

This is a powerful method of ensuring your site is above the rest and your time is not wasted by deleting Spam emails.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Surely you will want your website design to rank highly in the Generic search results on Google. With this in mind our SEO team will ensure your site is Search Engine Optimised to ensure high ranking.

On Site

Once your Design brief has been submitted our SEO team will select your Niches most profitable, high traffic keywords to be included in your Website Design. This is termed “On Site” SEO and is very important when looking for a high “Quality Score”.

Off Site

“Off Site” SEO is also a critical part to any marketing campaign. MWM provides services for Press Releases, Google AdWords Campaigns, Web2.0 link generation and Backlink Audits to mention a few.Article Marketing(soon),

If your desire is to capture details of your visitors MWM will supply you with a form for any location within your website that you need one. This is in addition to your “Contact Us” page for your site.

Google Analytics

When you consider that you could have a number of pages within your website it must stand to reason that you would want to know how the site is being used to assist you with your fine tuning.

This process of fine tuning should be conducted on a regular basis to keep in touch with your visitors. This cannot be completed if you do not have any statistical information about your site.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could know:

  • How long a visitor was on your specific page?
  • How many pages did he visit?
  • Where did he come from (to show you if your marketing funds are spent correctly)?
  • What Keyword he used to find you, etc.?

There is a lot of information that you would love to know to ensure that your Website Design is performing and how your prospects are interacting with your site. MWM will ensure that this data is available for you by setting up a Google Analytics account and including the required code on each and every page for your site.

This information is worth thousands of dollars to a business owner, as he will be able to finetune his marketing funds and website design to ensure that his online presence is a profitable one for his business.

If you do not know your visitor data about your site contact MWM today and let us get you set up so you can better allocate your limited Marketing funds.

Workability Testing

Your Website Design is only as good as the code within. This means that your Website Design will display differently across different browsers. MWM will test and adjust your site for the following functionality aspects:

  • Cross Browser testing for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Flock, Firefox 3, Safari and Google Chrome. You would be amazed at how many sites do not function in some of the more popular browsers. Meaning your visitor will click off your site the moment he arrives. Not something you would want to have happen.
  • Link Functionality is very important as simple navigation makes a prospective customer’s experience on your site so much more pleasant.
  • Code validation to ensure that your site meets current industry standards (W3C) and ensuring your website will display correctly.

Has your site been tested and if not why are you not contacting us to ensure your site can be seen by ALL of your potential customers as you want them to see it?

To have your site tested today send us an email and one of our dedicated team will get things rolling for you.

How much could this cost?

Your investment for a full package like this starts at AU$6,000 without the “Off Site” SEO component, depending on the number of pages within your Website Design.

Best Foot forward

When starting your journey in the Internet the quality of your site should be your main concern. As we stated above:- Your business value is judged by the quality of your website. The client is always looking for “What’s in it for ME?” and if you can answer that question for them they will become your customer.


“You can only make your First Impression ONCE”

If the issues discussed above have not been addressed on your current site contact us for a FREE site assessment and let us show you how we can assist your take your online business to the next level.

Secure your Free Chat with one of the dedicated MWM experts, by filling in the details below and see how we can improve your current site or get you online quickly.

Why Bother With All Of This?

The answer to this is simple. Do you want customers or do you NOT. Research has resulted in the following information showing us the direct relationship of Website Position to the RAPID DROP OFF of Visitors.

% of Clicks
Visits per 1,000
% Below Rank Above
% Below Position 1

As can be seen there is a rapid drop off the lower your site is located. For a small amount of additional effort and quality in your Website design your returns can be significantly increased.