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Too many times we see people making un-informed decisions about their selection of shopping cart software.

“You should NEVER make your decision on cost, never ever”

You see there are Simple Shopping Carts out there which cost a lot (once off and/or monthly subscriptions) yet still do not deliver a lot of the features which in most shopping carts have become a standard set of features. There are also other Simple Shopping Carts which are very cheap and so is the support, education and the range of features.

Don’t make all the common Mistakes!

You should only ever make your decision on the right shopping cart for your needs after considering the following aspects.

  1. Features: Does the cart have all the features I need? What we are talking about here is, does it have the functionality you need for your online store. It is no good getting a cart which has some of the features but not all of your requirements. This situation will only lead to you needing to either bolt on an additional service or change the cart over when you find out that there is no other service compatible with the selected cart. The other situation you could find yourself in is that you will need to pay two lots of fees which might very well add up to more compared to the cart which had all the features incorporated.
  2. Support: Does the company supplying the shopping cart have support? No matter what stage of your abilities you are at there will be times when you will need someone else’s help to make things happen. If the company does not have a good support system you could lose money whilst the issue is resolved. Not good for business.
  3. Education: Does the company have any education available for you to look at, be that videos, pdf’s or simply text? Having a short to the point video handy when you are adjusting or installing the cart makes your life a lot simpler as well as that of your website designers.

Our Suggestion For Your Shopping Cart Solutions

Below we have listed an overview of our suggested shopping cart software for your needs. The features available are outstanding and the benefits to you are therefor endless, take a look at just how much time, effort and money your business can save with this shopping cart, the right Shopping Cart for your daily needs!


Security and Protection:

Simple Shopping Cart Software
  • Build and maintain a secure shopping cart
  • Protect cardholder data
  • Maintain a vulnerability management program
  • Implement strong access control measures
  • Regularly monitor and test networks
  • Maintain an information security policy
  • 100% PCI/CISP compliant (Among the first to be fully-certified by Visa)
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL encryption
  • Password-protected administration login area
  • Time-limited access for clients to download digital products prevents copyright theft
  • SPAM checker for your marketing emails


Integrated eCommerce Marketing Tools include:

Simple Shopping Cart Software
  • Broadcast email capability
  • Built-in autoresponder
  • Affiliate management
  • Social media sales tools
  • Ad tracking capabilities
  • Upsell and downsell tools
  • Build and maintain a secure shopping cart


Shipping Solutions for Around the Block or Around the Globe

Simple Shopping Cart Software
You can provide your customers with a variety of shopping options and real-time rates for the following carriers:
  • USPS
  • UPS
  • Canada Post
  • DHL
  • Fedex



Hassle-free, Dependable Physical and Digital Content Delivery:

Simple Shopping Cart Software

Benefits for digital and physical goods merchants:

  • Integrated with PayPal Express Checkout and Website Payments Pro
  • Integrated with over 50 payment gateways
  • Product bundles
  • No percentages taken from downloadable products
  • No bandwidth charges for downloads
  • Immediate confirmation email sent to customer with username/password and instructions
  • Secure download area customized to fit your website
  • Digital product licensing interface for managing customer licenses
  • Ability to disable licensing for specific content
  • Fraud prevention
  • Robust upsell and cross-sell merchandising
  • Distribute ebooks, PDFs, and more…


eCommerce Design: Simple integration in less time than you think:

Simple Shopping Cart Software
From your user interface you can


  • Sign up and log into your account
  • Be notified of upgrades and new features
  • Configure your shopping cart and payment settings
  • Create digital and physical products
  • Build product links to be inserted into your online catalog or website
  • Customize your look and feel of your checkout, order forms, headers, and footers
  • Add upsell messages to your view cart and order form pages
  • Add a shopping cart to multiple websites or offer an express checkout



This Is Not The End Of The Many Benefits Awaiting You

Bottom line is, wether you get Melbourne Web Marketing to install this Great Shopping Cart Software for you or you do it yourself, You owe it to yourself to check this shopping cart out to ensure you make and educated decision for your future business survival on the Internet

By clicking this link for a feature packed Simple Shopping Cart you will be taken directly to the supplier, should you wish to discover more benefits for your Business or start your journey towards success