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Reputation Marketing Can Make Or Break Your Business

Have you heard of Reputation Marketing?


In A Nutshell Reputation Marketing Is
Building A 5 Star Reputation Online And Leveraging That Reputation
To Get YOU More Customers

Reputation Marketing is not the new kid on the block it is the intelligent kid on the block. Permit me to explain !

As a business owner you will have taken advantage of or seen benefits from “Word Of Mouth Marketing“. This being the case you understand Reputation Marketing as it is the online version of “Word Of Mouth Marketing“.

I could go on  and on about why you should market your reputation and even more so why it is important to have a trusted reputation but none of it matters if you do not know your current reputation so as to be able to formulate a strategy to improve or establish your online reputation. By entering your details below you will be able to discover your online reputation and establish your baseline.


Now that you know what others are saying about you lets get going.

I know that for a lot of businesses the internet is not something you might have had much success marketing on. However this is due to the fact that you are fighting to be seen amongst the hundreds of thousands of other search results.


It is no longer good enough to be high on the first page !

These days we are seeing listings in 3rd and even 4th spot getting more calls compared to the company listed as number 1 due to ensuring their marketing strategy heavily favours Reputation Marketing. This is due to the fact that people are doing their research prior to doing their business. Also it has a lot to do with Google marketing/exposing your online Reputation to anybody searching for your company name and location.


Whats in it for your business?

Well if you have been in business for a while you know the power of “Word Of Mouth Marketing” and that it can be a double edged sword. You do good you have great results with it BUT if you do lets say not so good you will see your bottom line suffer. It has been so since the dawn of time.

Now with Reputation Marketing this power is taken online making it possible for you to have raving evangelists spreading the word about your company faster than has ever been possible in history and with a much bigger reach.


A Customers Point Of View

From the image below select the business you would like to do business with

Reputation Marketing Melbourne Web Marketing
Chances are you selected “C” as all customers would, given a chance. This is due to the fact that we all want to be treated well and have a good experience when we conduct business (buy something).

Knowing this fact now does it not make sense for your business to have the best reputation possible??


Do you have a Reputation Marketing Strategy, which works?

As a business owner you will understand that you need to have a direction and a way to measure your progress for everything you do. It is only with tracking and measuring that you can adjust to ensure you stay on track towards your goal. This can be a lot of work for the already busy business owner hence a lot of marketing methods we see being conducted by businesses are fairly scattered.

We here at Melbourne Web Marketing will ensure that you can spend time working on your business not in your business to ensure your ROI.


Ask Yourself these two quick questions.

Q1. How many more customers could you get for your business if you had Google recommending your business?

Q2. How much credibility does that give you to have them on your side?


The answer to both of these questions is “LOTS


We as a population put a lot of trust on what other people say about a company, business, service or product and this trust/trend is only increasing.

You have to ask yourself – If there are a lot of people potentially already talking about my business or service why not take advantage of it?

Google is constantly changing and over the last few months had some major changes in respect to marketing a business. After all their main aim is to display the best results as well as trusted companies so their clients can get good service/results. This is why they are putting so much emphases on a companies Reputation. As a company you can take advantage of this change and ensure you have a strong Reputation Marketing Strategy and follow it.


Game Changer number Reputation Marketing Game Changer 1

Simply put it means if you type a company name and location in to the Google search box you will get that respective companies reputation given to you along with their search results.

Reputation Marketing Google Reputation Score 3Reputation Marketing Result 1mac Reputation Marketing Google Reputation Score 1Reputation Marketing Result 2mac Reputation Marketing Google Reputation Score 2Reputation Marketing Result 3mac

NOTE: These search results are for demonstrational purposes only

Using the above results, remembering your answer for the above question about the three services, would you expect the phone to ring for the business in the left hand search result?

This Game Changer alone now ensures that:

  • Companies with multiple locations pay more attention to having a great reputation for all of your stores/outlets as one locations bad reputation could tarnish the brand
  • You can never fly under the radar, meaning if you think you can get away with providing poor service you will be found out and exposed. This is not a threat it is reality and this is the sort of power Google now has provided to your customers
  • The search results of the future will consist of the most trusted and best services/businesses, as voted by their customers.

Gone are the days you can buy your way to the top of the search results. This is a great step forward for smaller traders venturing online and competing against major companies.

You see 80% of ALL transactions either involve the internet or start on the internet these days. This means that if you are not online and conducting some form of Reputation Marketing you will see most of the customers who could have been your customers go to your competitor. Simply put you have a strong Reputation Marketing strategy and a good reputation with your clients/customers you will make your phone ring not your competitions.


Game Changer numberReputation Marketing Game Changer 2

Reputation Marketing Reviews Melbourne Web Marketing 1

Reputation Marketing Google MapsReputation Marketing Reviews Melbourne Web Marketing 3 Reputation Marketing Local DirectoriesReputation Marketing Reviews Melbourne Web Marketing 5
Reputation Marketing SEO RankingsReputation Marketing Reviews Melbourne Web Marketing 6 Reputation Marketing Pay Per ClickReputation Marketing Reviews Melbourne Web Marketing 7

As can be seen above should you have good or bad reviews about your company/business they will now appear in Maps, Google+, Pay Per Click, Website Rankings, Organic Rankings and Local Directories.

So you see having a 5 Star reputation will mean that Google will make sure you are seen by your potential customers. This also goes for a bad reputation so make Google your friend and let them market your 5 Star Reputation by following your Reputation Marketing Strategy.


Game Changer numberReputation Marketing Game Changer 3

SEO (Both, On sight and Off site), Social Media, Pay Per Click and Local Marketing do not work anymore – if you have a bad reputation.

Imagine this you are running a Pay Per Click campaign and are paying around $5.00 per click. A potential customer types in the keywords you are targeting, likes your ad and clicks on it costing you $5.00. They are taken to your website but want to know more about you and see what people are saying about you. What do they do next? They type your business name, your location and the word “review”. Google displays your company search results and the reputation score you have been given by them.

What if they see only a 2 star or worse no star rating?

No matter how much you pay you will not get the phone ringing if there are companies with a better reputation score available. Basically you have wasted funds and time and these days not many businesses can afford to do this without shortly needing to close the doors.


Game Changer numberReputation Marketing Game Changer 4

Having a 5 star rating will ensure your business/company/website customers are prequalified presold customers. You see only people interested in your service who trust you and feel they could do business with you will normally contact you. As around 70% of people trust online reviews this is something you want to take note of and advantage of.

Below you can see the results of a marketing survey Neilsen Global conducted, which indicate the most trusted forms of marketing you should be investing in to attract more customers. Also you will see that some of the traditional online marketing methods are loosing ground to Reputation Marketing using Reviews/Feedback.

Trust In Advertising with Reputation Marketing


Now You Can See Why Your Traditional Marketing Is Costing You Money

The return just is not there when you consider the time and massive funds spent on getting yourself on to the first page of the search results when all can be wiped out simply because your reputation (displayed by Google) is low or none existent. All these money wasting problems can be sorted by establishing a solid, result producing Reputation Marketing Strategy for your Business Today!


The Only Conclusion

If you have no reputation or a poor reputation your phone will not ring as much as your competitions. Are you willing to throw away your business by sticking your head in the sand or do you want to become the Trusted Leader in your niche?


Your Very Own Reputation Marketing Strategy

Reputation Marketing Strategy Reputation Marketing Review Branding Commercials 2 Reputation Marketing Starter Pack Reputation Marketing Business pack Reputation Marketing Authority Pack


Start Your Journey Today !!!

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