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The Power Of Using A Press Release

If used and structured correctly a Press Release can be one of the most effective methods for driving traffic to your website. There are many advantages in making a press release about your company.

Virtually Instant Traffic

The moment your Press Release is submitted you can receive thousands of page views and your release is given very comprehensive distribution. There are a lot of news sites out there that scan for new Press Releases and once found they will display them on their site also.

This is a major advantage and can not be dismissed or not taken advantage of.


Branding your Business

With Press Releases you can brand your company and make it instantly recognisable when making regular quality releases. This will ensure that your Press Releases are Distributed to higher ranking sites and thereby resulting in better qualified traffic. This better quality traffic are the customer that you will want to take care of and establish a relationship with to turn them from a prospect to a customer.


Bonus traffic

You submit your Press Release to a News Site and if you have selected a quality site your Press Release will be acquired by other news services due to the reputation of your initial submission site. This will have a snowball affect and will result in you receiving traffic from sources you did not even know about, nor target.


Long Term traffic

The flow-on affect of using Press Releases is that other sites wishing to add information to their sites will use your article. This in turn will result in your article getting even further distribution, resulting in more people seeing the release and coming to your site.


Can you see the leverage you can gain from using Press Releases? Traffic, Exposure, Branding and long term affects for your business is the link to more customers resulting in more profit or ensuring you survive the current economic conditions.


Press Release

Have your Press Release submitted to Google News, MSN News, Yahoo Search, and plus many other syndicated outlets for one low investment of $47 AUD. After transacting the small investment you will be taken to your submission.

To gain the best results from your Release there are some formatting rules that must be followed to ensure you have a productive well written Release.

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