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Here Are Some Press Release Guidelines

To ensure the fastest distribution and uptake of your Press Release we suggest that you use the following Guidelines to maximise your traffic potential for your site.

Be a reporter.

News on TV or Radio is always presented in the “Third Person” style of format. As this is the current standard used ensure you do not stray from this format. Third Person reporting also adds Credibility as it is presented in a fashion of impartiality and does not sound simply like a commercial.

Correct use of Third Person: –

  • Today John Doe announced that the next generation of Teeth Whitening Lasers will be unveiled which will result in faster and longer lasting results…..

IN-Correct use of Third Person: –

  • I, John Doe wish to let everybody know that today I am unveiling the next generation of teeth whitening lasers which will result in faster and longer lasting results………

I am sure you can see the difference. Our testing of each style of has certainly seen the difference in the quantity of traffic that was generated from each sample.


Your Press Release will be most effective if it is under 250 words in length (if using Microsoft Word you have the availability of a word counter). These Words should be placed within 3-4 paragraphs following your concise attention grabbing headline.

Remember your target audience on the internet. They are mostly busy people so keep the Press Release short and to the point to ensure good readability.


Take a look at some of the printed news that is available. You will see that the First letter of every word is always a capital but not the remaining letters of each word. For credibility do not use inverted comas (“….”) around your headline. Inverted comas implicate advertising which is not the message you wish to send to your audience.

1st Paragraph

You should always begin this paragraph with your location (country, state, city, etc), Full Date. With this completed you now need your powerful introduction that will capture the readers attention and not let him go due to the anticipation you are building. Ensure that you answer what is termed the 5W’s in writing. Every reader likes to have the Who What Where When Why answered for him when it is applicable.

A good point to remember here is that all readers are coming from one direction: – “Whats in it for ME” when you answer this you have the readers and potential customers attention.

In this paragraph you should summarise your News in such a way that if they not have the time to read the remaining release you still have their attention and have sparked a desire to click on your link below.

Ensure you end this paragraph in such a way that they are drawn towards reading your next paragraph. This is a very important fact for each and every paragraph you compile.

Subsequent paragraphs

These paragraphs are the body of the Release and should contain more detailed information about your news. Expand on the information you provided in your first paragraph to retain the readers attention. Using Quotes from key company members or customer feedback will increase credibility for your news. Ensure that you have your website link correct or all your efforts will be in vein.

Most importantly is that the Press Release is written in proper English including complete sentences and paragraphs with emphasis on good grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization and sentence structure. Be careful of lists and one sentence paragraphs, they will make the release less effective.

Your Contact Details

To conclude your Press Release place your companies contact details (check for errors) such as Name, Position, Phone No., email address. Again Check for errors. Details placed within this area should not be duplicated within the body of the release.

Using these few guidelines will ensure that you receive maximum benefit out of your advertising Dollar and generate great traffic for your business.

A Sample Press Release

Toorak Village Dental Care is pleased to announce the arrival of their Laser Teeth Whitening Service

Toorak, Victoria, Australia, July 21, 2008 – Toorak Village Dental Care, a leading Cosmetic and Maintenance Dental Surgery, is announcing the arrival of their Laser Teeth Whitening Service. This new service makes it possible for them to provide whiter, brighter teeth in around 90 minutes.

The Recent arrival of the Teeth Whitening Service has seen a massive increase in the speed for the sometimes laborious process of Teeth Whitening. Their informative consultation provides specific information about the potential results available and the maintenance program required after the service.

In the past a Home kit, to whiten your Teeth, took some 3-4 weeks of nightly applications, depending on results desired. Their new Service can achieve the same result in around 90 minutes.

“The ability of using a Laser to speed up the process of Teeth Whitening has put the service within the reach of busy people that do not have the time to spend waiting for the results” explains Toorak Village Dental Care Managing Director Veronica Hofbauer.

Toorak Village Dental Care Maintains a Dental Surgery in Toorak, Victoria, Australia and is on the internet at They are keenly dedicated to provide services that utilise the latest technology and produce the best results for their patients.