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Which is your most powerful keyword?

What keyword phrases are people searching for in your niche?

Which Keyword has the least amount of competition?

These are all very valid questions but unfortunately are very rarely answered. There is a correct way of selecting Keywords and there is a wrong way of selecting them.

Here is the WRONG way of selecting keywords:

  • You have decided you wish to sell a Teeth Whitening services. You sit together with your business partners and decide on your selection of keywords and come up with what you think your potential clients would be looking for.

Here is the CORRECT method:

  • You have decided you wish to sell a Teeth Whitening services. you sit together with your business partners and decide to contact MWM to seek professional assistance. You are informed that it is very important to conduct research to find the keywords that are actually searched for by people and not use the ones that you think are relevant.
  • The completed research will show you the number of times each keyword is searched for to provide you with information that will assist you in your future marketing endeavours.

Keywords are the lifeline for your website. If you do not have the correct Keywords your website can not be found by people searching the internet.

Using keywords will make finding you simpler but using highly targeted, profitable keywords will boost your websites traffic immensely.

It is due to the vital importance of keywords selection that a service of selecting these highly niche targeted profitable keywords can cost you up to $2500 – $3800 per product.

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Each correctly selected Keyword has enormous potential. When you consider that the internet’s prime connector are keywords you can start to appreciate the value of the Keyword. Without Keywords Your Articles, Press Releases, Backlinks, Website Title and Website Description could not be tuned to each other.

Doing this will result in a higher Google “Quality Score” which will result in your site gaining higher placement in the generic search results. We all know that higher placement means higher exposure and therefore higher traffic to your site resulting in more clients.

The value of a single letter

One letter could hold potentially an additional 100K+ visitors to your site. Research and testing completed for you, by MWM has found this astounding fact over and over in different niches.

The following data has been provided to illustrate to you the importance of research compared to guessing:

This is such an important point. Should you have used logical thinking and decided that you should use “Dentists” due to the fact that your surgery has a number of dentists available, you would have thrown away a potential 104,500 people that could have seen your site.
Dentists Sample
With this sample you are making a decision about a potential 50% DROP in your visitors to your site. Would you tolerate this if it meant your survival?Could your Business sustain this level of drop?
Dental Implants Sample
This sample demonstrates a very valid point with a single letter being added. Your potential clients are not interested in the process they want to have the result. “What’s in it for them”
White Teeth Sample

Remember that these are monthly values and as the above images demonstrate there is no pattern to including or excluding the letter “s”. It is for this reason that you must ensure proper research is completed prior to selecting your keywords.

As you can see a good set of Keywords could mean the difference between you having your website as an asset or as a money drain. With the current Economic conditions an asset would be a lot more productive and beneficial for your business.

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Never underestimate the power of a word.

To ensure your website uses the highest quality Keywords and have them included in your website submit your keyword request below and one of our dedicated sleuth will search out the internet to retrieve the keywords for you.