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Local Online Sales Are Outdoing Expectations In A Big Big Way!

I am sure you have heard that we are loosing millions of dollars to offshore online sales as the online shopping trend increases.

In one way this is correct but is missing some very important details.

Permit me to explain in more detail.

Australia’s online retail spending increased to $14.9 billion for the year to January 2014, or by 11.3%, now representing around 6.5% of traditional retail spending. Domestic retailers continue to control the largest share of online sales – at around 74%.

Despite a recent pickup in the traditional bricks and mortar retail sector, it was still outpaced by the improvement in online retail growth over the past three months.

Melbourne Web Marketing Online Sales Increase 2014
Melbourne Web Marketing Domestic Online Sales Increase 2014

In both online and traditional retail the biggest story to emerge from the festive season was actually the dominance of domestic retailers. This comes as we have increasingly seen Australian bricks and mortar retailers develop sophisticated online offerings that complement their traditional storefronts.

Domestic retailers are winning a greater proportion of total online revenue now with some 74% of online retail sales. This share has been creeping higher in recent months as sales by international retailers have been impacted by the weaker Australian dollar.

Consequently, growth of international online sales was sluggish at just 0.3% in January compared with 1.6% for the domestics. It’s likely that the Australian dollar exchange rate will continue to be relevant in the mix of international and domestic sales – so keep a close eye on how the data reflects this going forward.

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