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What does this mean and why is it so important to your generic ranking to have high quality Backlinks.

Within the Generic ranking system for Google search results all websites are assigned a “Quality Score”. The precise algorithm used by Google for the resulting “Quality Score” is a closely guarded secret. It is this “Quality Score” that is used to establish the Site’s Page Ranking. One major component of a good quality Score is the quality of links TO your site.

Meaning that Google will put more importance on a link coming from a site with a page rank of “5” compared to a site with a page rank of “0”.

Yes Backlinks coming to your site are important and will assist you greatly.

How can you establish these High Quality Backlinks to your site?

One method is by using well written Press Releases or Articles that are submitted to submission sites with high page ranking. Their high page ranking will be used in the Algorithm to calculate your sites “Quality Score” which in turn is translated into your sites “Page Ranking”. The higher your Page Ranking the more potential customers will see your listing.

MWM can perform an audit of all your backlinks and provide you with a detailed report listing the number of backlinks you have and the Page rank for each of those Backlinks. Also this audit will provide you with the Anchor text used for each of these backlinks.

It has been proven over and over that backlinks that use your main keyword phrase will assist greatly towards your sites “Quality Score”. This Audit will show you instantly if you are spending your marketing dollars correctly or if you need to finetune your campaign.


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How much longer can we offer this service at this price?

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Backlink Audit

A typical audit report will contain the following information for your designated Domain:-

A page rank report for the first 1000 backlinks

Sample Backlink Page Rank Report

A page rank report for the respective Anchor text of these Backlinks

Sample Anchor Text Report

In the sample report above you can see that the backlinks using the anchor text “teeth whitening” are stronger, when compared to “whiter teeth” even though it might have 41 more links. This is due to the higher page ranking obtained by “teeth whitening” as pages with a “0” ranking do not influence the Google Quality Score algorithm a great deal.

Once again you can see proof that quality should always come before quantity and be your main aim in the establishment of Backlinks to your website.

MWM will be happy to compile a Backlink Audit, for your Domain for an investment of $140 AUD.

MWM suggests that you secure an audit after every marketing campaign or at least on a 3 monthly bases to ensure you are able to take advantage of developing trends.

Added Bonus

As an added bonus MWM will supply you with the URL’s for the links within the report. This will present you with an opportunity of a lifetime.

You see once you know where your Backlinks are located what is stopping you from contacting these owners and seeing if there is some Joint Venture you could start.

Joint Ventures are a great way to get your product out to the public with less effort.

NOTE: – All backlinks provided are as per Google search results and might contain some URL’s that have removed your link. This sometimes happens with Article Submission sites as they regularly change their content.