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Do you know which is your most cost effective keyword?

When should you use “Broad”, “Phrase” & “Exact” match?

Are you testing your ads?

These are all very valid questions and unfortunately very rarely does anybody know enough about AdWords to answer them. There is a correct way of using a Google AdWords Campaign and there is the costly method. You have the choice.

The AdWords Campaign team at MWM has spent many waking hours testing and retesting the use of AdWords strategies and account settings to increase the return on effort.

Big deal you say and what does this mean for you. It means that if there is a method to increase more traffic out of your Google AdWords Campaign the members at MWM are most likely using it already.

Are these tricks or loopholes?

NO, using tricks and loopholes only works for a short time or at least until Google finds out about them.

What is the result if you get caught?

Simple, you could lose your account or get “Google Slapped”, which will increase your future campaign expenditure.

The fundamental point to remember here is that Google, like any other company, are in Business. Their business is to provide the best possible search service for their clients. If you work with them your campaign costs will drop significantly.

MWM can assist you in aspects of your Google AdWord Campaign or provide a complete management system for you. You will see that there are a number of companies out there with set monthly fees for a complete package. MWM feels that this is not fair to you as this provides no incentive to a company for improving your campaign.

MWM has a base monthly management fee of $250 + 20% of your monthly spend. This means that you only pay for the work required. You still control your marketing cashflow per month and MWM will ensure you get the best return for your AdWords Campaign.

Your AdWords Campaign should only be part of your marketing plan but it is an important part. You see by simply waiting for your site to get better ranking within the search results does take a lot of time. Using an efficiently managed AdWords Campaign will ensure that your message gets in front of more people faster to let them come to you.


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Think of it like this.

Your website is a Hotdog Stand and you are standing around the corner of a shopping complex where there is almost no one walking. How many Hotdogs would you sell? Now what if you decided to put up a sign at the doorway to the shopping complex telling people that you have great Hotdogs and Cold Drinks and are located just around the corner. You would have customers coming to you.

It is the same with your AdWords Campaign. You are using your campaign to place a sign in front of the public and if it is a good sign and you are advertising something that they are looking for they will click on your sign (Ad).

Ask any business owner, in a lot of cases being prosperous is as simple as getting the word out to the public about your products.

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