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Melbourne Web Marketing is fortunate to have Wolfgang Hofbauer leading it. His extensive Business and Marketing knowledge is the backbone of this company

You might ask “Who is Wolfgang Hofbauer?” and the answer is detailed and impressive, permit me to show you

Wolfgang is an unrivalled international expert in all aspects of online marketing and Internet education, as well as a highly sought after speaker on the global speaking circuit, having shared the stage with some of the leaders in the world on the subject of online reputations. He has been on Stage with thought leaders such as Bob Proctor (star of The Secret), Matt/Amanda Clarkson (Australian eBay Millionaires), John Childers (Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor/Speaker) and many more. When your reputation gets hurt he will fix it online and if you don’t have one he will create one for you

Wolfgang’s journey started after his empowering 20 year career in the Australian Defence Force which at one stage saw him working with the Anti-terrorist team. He moved from successful people management into Business management

Soon enough he was speaking on stage to audiences of around 2000 people all around the world, teaching stock market education in the UK, Australia, USA and New Zealand to sell out crowds

As online technology became ever more important, Wolfgang moved towards Internet business/reputation development and is now a regular guest speaker at international events. Mentoring students and companies globally, his presentations and seminars have transformed thousands of lives worldwide, helping people unlock the secrets to phenomenal success, both in business and personal investing

With almost 15 years of teaching and mentoring Wolfgang Hofbauer is dedicated and uniquely qualified to ensuring your wishes are understood and your decision is based on knowing what you need to know to make an informed/educated decision for your internet future

Wolfgang belongs to many groups and associations including Social Media Marketing, Small Business Marketing Network, Internet Marketing Alliance, and Best Coaching Program to name a few

To give back to society he has made a lot of his knowledge and expertise available in a book
he has just published. Webutation is “A practical guide to taking your business online successfully”
Subjects discussed:
1. The Internet Business revolution
2. The Importance of Branding/Reputation
3. Do It Yourself Or Outsource
4. Shopping Carts
5. Online Marketing
6. Offline Marketing
7. LinkedIn
8. Feedback
9. Security

With those credentials as the driving force, Melbourne Web Marketing has assisted many businesses to go from no internet exposure to a sustainable and profitable Webutation (you might know it as an Online Reputation)

Melbourne Web Marketing looks forward to assisting you or your business in gaining the leading edge online over your competition